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Announcing City of Kelowna’s $150 Turf Rebate Program!

Eco Turf Farm is a proud supplier of Eco Smart Blend drought tolerant seed mix which qualifies for the City of Kelowna Water Utility’s brand new Water Smart program.

Eco Smart BlendProvided locally at our farm in Kelowna, Eco Smart Blend sod grown from our seed mix has many benefits over the average turf.  Those who have tried it, love it!

Advantages of our Eco Smart Blend Grass:

  • Turf Area CalculatorVery Low Water Usage! Once established, your Eco Smart Blend lawn only requires watering at 1 inch per month, on average.

  • Less Mowing! The considerably lower growth properties of an Eco Smart Blend lawn means less mowing and reduced maintenance.

  • Durable! Eco Smart Blend sod grown from our seed mix is a water conserving turf that is smooth and durable enough for golf courses, athletic fields, roadsides, xeriscape projects and residential lawns.


How to Qualify for the Water Smart Program Rebate:

  • Must be for a new or renovated (over 100 Square Metres) landscape

  • Property must be located within the City of Kelowna Water Utility Service area (addresses can be checked on the City of Kelowna website)

  • Applies to residential and commercial properties

  • Rebate applies only to properties where an irrigation permit has been taken out

  • Rebate goes to whoever takes out the permit

  • Rebate will be sent with proof of purchase/installation

  • Random inspections will be carried out to determine if sod have been installed

  • Limit of one rebate per property/permit

How to Apply for the Rebate:

Once the installation is complete send a copy of your invoice to neal@getwatersmart.com

You can also mail a copy to:
Water Smart
214-1789 Harvey Avenue
Kelowna  V1Y 6G7

A $150 rebate cheque will be mailed to you within 30 days of receiving the form.