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Our History

Established in 1972, as Clement Turf Farms, we have continued to grow our top quality turf acreage and to provide our customers with a speedy and caring service.

René and Irene Dureault purchased the family business in September 2007.

In 2010, we changed our name from Clement Turf Farms, to Eco Turf Farms to reflect the introduction of our new Eco Smart Blend seed mix, a drought tolerant, environmentally friendly, specially selected blend of grasses specifically suited to the Okanagan Valley & the Kootenays.

Since 2007, there has been significant investment in equipment and harvesting techniques, enabling fresh cut sod daily using our Brouwer Turf Harvester. Please note that your custom cut sod is perishable so we encourage pre-ordering.


How We Grow Our Turf

Our fields are prepared for seeding. This involves ensuring that all perennial weeds and old sod is removed or killed. Organic material, such as sand, sawdust, compost or manure, is placed on the field to replace the soil that was removed in previous harvests. The soil is then worked and fertilizer is applied. We then seed the ground with our propriety seed mix and allow it to grow for about one year.

Your turf is allowed to mature for 9-12 months to produce a strong and healthy root system.  Prior to harvesting we apply a fertilizer to ensure your grass is well nourished and healthy when harvested.  This also gives it an extra energy boost to support it during the transition to your location.

It is essential that the sod is moved quickly after it is harvested to prevent damage as it is living plant material.  Our new Brouwer Turf Harvester (the only one in the Okanagan) has increased the speed of the turf harvest so there is less waiting time for the turf prior to delivery.  With a cleaner, neater cut finish and less time to dry out and compact you receive a better quality product.