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How Much Turf Do I Need?

Whether you plan to install the sod yourself or have a landscaper do it, you will need to figure out how much sod to order. 

You can use our handy calculator to work out how much to order. 

Sometimes an area is of various shapes and sizes and can be challenging to measure. If you have an oddly shaped lawn you can roughly divide the area into squares, triangles, etc. Our calculator helps you calculate each separate piece and add them together. 

Please keep in mind it is always better to have a little too much than not enough to finish the job, we suggest an extra 5% is added to allow for trimming.


  • Our turf rolls are sold by the square foot
  • One roll has the dimensions of 16” wide by 6.75’ long, which equals 9 square feet 
  • Our turf is delivered on a 4’ X 4’ pallet that can hold up to 500 sq ft of turf 
  • Our delivery trucks can accommodate 12 pallets per trip.


Area Calculator


Draw the shape of your yard and break it down into rectangles, triangles and circles. Measure all areas.


Enter each "element" (rectangle, triangle or circle) of your measured area:


Select if you would like to add to or subtract the current area from the total. Repeat as needed.