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Golf Courses

Eco Turf Farms is one of the Okanagan’s leading providers of turf for golf courses and has earned a reputation for consistently high quality turf.

Eco Turf Farms has supplied Eco Blue Blend turf and Eco Smart Blend seed mix to the foremost golf courses in the Okanagan including Predator Ridge Golf Course in Vernon, Kelowna Golf and Country Club, World Beat Family Golf and Black Mountain Golf Course. 

Our turf has been used to cover tees, fairways, bunkers, high traffic areas and landscaping around the golf course.

Eco Smart Blend is suitable for greens, fairways, bunker surrounds and semi-rough and exposed drought prone areas and areas that only need mowing one or twice a year.

Eco Blue Blend is ideal for steep slopes, embankments and for erosion control, walkways and high traffic areas around the golf course, as well as overflow grass car parking and grass access roads.