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Residential Installations

A beautiful, well tended lawn transforms the whole look of a house and garden.  

At Eco Turf Farms we have developed turf and seed mixes to suit your garden requirements and our Okanagan climate. 

Eco Blue Blend: Our premium eco-friendly Kentucky bluegrass blend. Strong green colour, hard wearing, good recovery. Ideal for general landscaping and ornamental lawns.

Eco Smart Blend: A dark green grass which is uniquely grown for both the Okanagan’s drought and cold winter conditions with excellent wear and recovery properties and low maintenance requirements. Available as a seed mix only.

An immaculate lawn requires excellent quality turf free from weeds, pests and diseases and which does not fall apart when laid.

All Eco Turf Farms sod is:

  •  Grown on stone-free, sandy loam soils
  •  Strong and easy to lay
  •  Compatible with all soil types
  •  Free from visible disease and weeds
  •  Grown to the highest turf industry standards 

Our friendly and professional team provides an efficient, quality service. We can arrange delivery of large or small quantities of turf to suit your requirements or you can pick up your new lawn at our turf farm in Kelowna. 

Pet Friendly!

For those of you with high living pooches we can supply small sections of turf to give your furry friend a taste of the outside… inside! 

A number of our customers use small sections of turf in plastic trays to allow Fido to do his business without having to go for very long walks outside. 

Seven Reasons to Love Turf in your garden


1. Turf Loves Cooling - Turf is Mother Nature’s most efficient natural air conditioner. The temperature of a healthy lawn area in the middle of summer is 10°C less than bare soil, 20°C less than asphalt, concrete or pebble mulch and 40°C less than synthetic turf.


2. Turf Loves Lowering Emissions – A building surrounded by turf will negate the need to run air conditioners for as often or for as long, which helps reduce the amount of carbon pollutants created by electricity, and will help reduce your power bill! The average size home lawn produces the same cooling effect as 9 tonnes of air conditioning (enough for two houses).


3. Turf loves the Environment – Turf combats climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions caused by the burning of fossil fuels and a range of other human activity. It acts as a natural sink for carbon dioxide and replenishes soil and improves its quality.


4. Turf Loves Filtering Water - Turf filters runoff water and traps pollutants before they get to British Columbia’s rivers and streams, destroying natural vegetation and fragile ecosystems.


5. Turf Loves Making Oxygen – A lawn area of just 5m2 will provide enough oxygen for one person for an entire day.


6. Turf Loves Using Less Water – Turf does not need potable water to survive. It will thrive on tank, grey or bore water supplies. Mature turf actually needs less water than mature trees and shrubs!


7. Turf Loves being the Allrounder – Turf reduces noise, improves social health and increases the value of homes by up to 20%.