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15-30-10 Sod Starter Fertilizer

15-30-10 Sod Starter Fertilizer
$12.99 / 2 kg bag

Turf Starter 15-30-10 is used to establish great looking, healthy new lawns, from seed or sod - it’s high in phosphorus for dynamic root development.

Every fertilizer shows the percentage of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash (N.P.K.)

For example 15-30-10 is 15% Nitrogen, 30% Phosphorous and 10% Potash.


  • Nitrogen – gives the green to lawns and is the main food a lawn responds to.
  • Phosphorous – encourages good root growth.
  • Potash – promotes strong healthy stems


Fertilizer & Soil

Eco Turf Farms supplies quality Sod Starter Fertilizer to establish great looking lawns as well as Topsoil (Basic Screened and Premium). Topsoil is the key ingredient for growing any plant, this rich earth holds the nutrients needed for sodding or any gardening project.