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ECO Blue Blend Turf / Sod

Our 100% Kentucky Bluegrass blend delivers a Premium Performance with superior consistency. A blend that brings that  golf course look and quality to your lawn, park, sports field or commercial project.

This second to none blend was devised with the highest quality, dark color and outstanding attributes in mind.

The performance highlights for this blend include:

Ground Filling Density A very Lush and Full lawn, crowding out unwanted weeds and naturally excludes Poa anna
Drought Tolerant Uses less water than the average lawn- performs well under heat and drought stress
Low Mowing Tolerance up to 1/2 “for that perfect fairway feature
Self Healing Quick recovery from extreme stresses such as prolonged drought conditions and High traffic & wear areas
Full Sun to medium/low Shade
Pest & Disease Resistant Outstanding resistance to pink snow mold, summer patch, necrotic ring spot, Kentucky billbug , leaf rust/spot and many more
Firm Footings vigorous underground rhizome root systems hold tight with shear strength.

SEEDING Rate for seed sales:

  • Early Fall or Spring is best.
  • Fast germination reliability for quick coverage apply at a  rate of 3-5 lbs per 1000 sq ft

Brett Young Seeds


Turf / Sod

Eco Turf Farms provides premium eco-friendly Kentucky bluegrass blend, Eco Blue Blend. Our turf is also available as a seed mix.


Why choose sod?

A Good Investment

  • Sod will immediately increase your property value in an instant.
  • Sod saves energy in urban areas because sod dissipates heat thus reducing energy required to cool homes and commercial buildings.
  • Professional sod lawn needs no special care because it is a healthy mature lawn when installed
  • Seeding your lawn requires years of nurturing to reach maturity and this can become costly and time consuming.
  • Sod is often used to stop soil erosion and water pollution on slopes where rain would wash away both seed and soil.

Instant Beautification

  • An "instant lawn" from Eco Turf Farms will dramatically improve the look and enjoyment of your yard.
  • Sod establishes itself quickly. In a couple of weeks, it's ready for full use. It creates the perfect surface for lawn games and family outdoor living.
Sod can be installed practically anywhere, even where seeding is impossible.

Good for the Environment

  • With today's ecological concerns, many more people are considering sod for its environmental benefits.  Eco Smart Blend seed mix provides an environmentally sensitive solution, which is specifically tailored to our unique environment.
  • Sod cools and cleans the atmosphere by reflecting the sun's heat and absorbing noises, carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants. It releases valuable oxygen and moisture into the air we breathe.
  • As it grows, sod silently contributes to a healthier environment.


Delivery to Your Door

Wherever you are based in the Okanagan you can have your turf delivered to your home or site.

Frequent delivery locations include Kelowna, Westbank, West Kelowna, Vernon, Lake Country (Winfield, Oyama, Okanagan Centre, Carr’s Landing), Vernon, Lumby, Cherryville, Penticton, Okanagan Falls. A 100% refundable deposit is charged on the wooden pallets used for turf transport.