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Common Questions about Eco Turf Farms' environmentally friendly turf

What are your prices?

Please call us or use our Get A Quote form for an up to date price. We would be happy to assist you with a quote.

Can the general public purchase your turf?

Absolutely! We also offer a delivery service to your door or you can pick your turf from our farm.

What are the measurements of your rolls and how heavy are they?

9 sq ft rolls = 16” Wide X 6.75’ Long
Turf rolls weigh 20lbs – 40lbs, weight varies depending on the weather.

Is there a minimum amount of quantity you have to order?

No, whether it is a patch job or full lawn we can help you!

Do I have to order in advance?

No, if you order early in the day, you can usually pick up or have your turf delivered in the same day!

When can I plant turf?

As soon as the frost is out of the ground, as early as April and until the snow comes and stays, as late as November.

Do you install turf?

No, but we can provide you with a list of reputable landscapers.

How do I measure for turf?

See “ MEASURING AN AREA” or contact us for further assistance.

Lawn Care: What kind of lawn fertilizer should I use?

For guidance on fertilizing new grass see “Lawn Care 101: Lawn Fertilizer”

Lawn Care: I have mushrooms in my new lawn, is that harmful?

Mushrooms are caused by just the right combination of water, temperature, and humidity. They need constant moisture and often appear due to the frequent watering needed by new sod. As you reduce your watering after the sod is established the mushrooms will go away. They will not damage your lawn. Just mow them off and reduce your watering allowing your lawn to dry before the next watering.

Lawn Care: What kind of effects can animal urine have on my lawn?

Small amounts may produce a green up or fertilizer effect while larger amounts often result in lawn burn or dead patches. Lawn burn, when mild, will often repair itself over time, however dark green spots and taller grasses may remain for several weeks. Sodding can be a quick way to patch severely damaged individual areas that would otherwise be invaded by weeds.

Lawn Care: Why is my new lawn turning brown?

Typically a lawn will turn brown when it is not getting enough water. See see “Lawn Care 101: Watering Your Lawn” for further information.

Lawn Care: Why is there a big gap between the seams of my installed turf?

This is called shrinkage and it most often happens when your new lawn is under watered. One of the most challenging areas to keep moist is the edges and corners, simply because it is more susceptible to the air and evaporation. Make sure that when you are installing your sod that you butt all edges and ends together tightly but not overlapping. Pay special attention that your sprinklers osculate the entire area so that the corners do not get missed.

Lawn Care: My turf is wilting/leaves footprints/turning a bluish gray color?

This is due to water deficiency see “Lawn Care 101: Watering Your Lawn” for guidance.