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Lawn Care 101: Watering Your Lawn from Eco Turf Farms in Kelowna

Proper watering of your new lawn is MOST IMPORTANT.

Start watering immediately upon completion of laying your sod. You want to ensure that you saturate 1 inch of water into your lawn. The best way to check is take 2-3 aluminium pie plates and place them in various locations of your new lawn, place a rock in each (so they don’t blow away), when the pie plates have filled to approx. 1 inch, you know that it has had sufficient water.

Pay special attention to corners and edges, as they tend to get missed and dry out quickly.
In the warmer months it may be necessary to water 2-3 times per day for short periods.

Failure to water sufficiently will result in dry areas that if left too long will turn brown and ultimately die. On the other hand, excess water can lead to disease and lawn damage.

Recognize when your lawn is thirsty. Turf grass is a very interactive plant material. It lets you know immediately when it is dry by changing color to a slightly blue-gray. A closer inspection of the turf will reveal that it is somewhat limp as well. If you step on the dehydrated turf it will not spring back like a properly hydrated plant will.

Ideal watering time is early morning between 6 -10am. Once your lawn is established, watering deeply and less often encourages the roots to grow deep and will retain the moisture for longer periods. However, watering too frequently for short periods of time results in the roots remaining close to the surface and will not retain water well.

Because of the differences between irrigation systems, soil types, weather conditions, and site conditions, we cannot accurately estimate watering times for you, but hope that our guidelines can be of assistance.